Key Staff

Roya Sadat


Roya Sadat is an award-winning female Afghan producer and director who successfully brought touching stories to international festivals after the fall of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. She is graduated from Law and Politics, University of Herat. In 2005 and Certificate of study in Asian Film Academy to South Korea in 2006 ,Roya Sadat with Alka Sadat Founded ROYA Film House(RFH)

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Alka Sadat

Vice President

Alka Sadat born In Herat Afghanistan She studied cinema in Italy. She is an award-winning in Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival! 2011 (Public Liberties & Human Rights)

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Aziz Deildaar

Program Manager

Bourn 1981 Kabul Afghanistan. Professor in Cinema Department Fine Arts Faculty in Kabul University. He was attendant to many film festival and his new film script become the 30 best Asian film script in 2009 South Korea PPP.

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Farid Frahmand

Head of Animation and Visual Arts Department

Farid Farahmand was born on 1983 in Ghazni Province, He has graduated from Art Faculty in Cinema Directing Kabul University and has got his master degree from Panjab Technical University of India in 3D Animation and specialized in visual effects. During his studying he did some animation works that his (Space Animation) is worth mentioning. He also studied motion graphic in Picso institute of Animation Delhi India. Farid has joined RFH since 2015 and is working in post-production of films and documentaries.

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Sharbanow Nori

Admin / Assistant Production

Bourn in Kabul – Afghanistan. I Finish Graduated from Fine Arts Faculty of Cinema Department in field of Film Direction, from Kabul University & Working with Roya Sadat TV Serial.

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Foad Dehqanpour

Film Producer / Designer

Foad is Film producer, graphic designer in RFH and inators of side events In Afghanistan Interventional Women Film Festival-Heart. Foad was born in Heart in. 17 July 1988 He has been working for various local media since .2006 He has produced, directed and performed in more than 80 television programs on the subject of urban life. He has was the editor of Shahr-e-Ma (Our City) Magazine in 2009to 2010 and has worked with Kabul Pressistan since 2012to 2014 He has produced Afghanistan Night Stories (long documentary film)

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Ahmad Shuja Naderi

Finance Department

Ahmad Shuja Naderi has joined RFH in October 2014. He has completed his bachelor in business economics Kateb University of Afghanistan 2012 and got his MBA in finance from Assam Don Bosco University of India 2015. He has received many training related to management and finance such as financial management, leadership Technics, program management and etc. He has more than eight years of working experience in different positions of organizations as Finance Manager, Program Manager and Proposal Writer. Ahmad Shuja Naderi is also a half Certified Chartered Accountant (ACCA) of England country.

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Shekib Mosavi


Sayed Shekib Mosawi was born in Bamiyan province of Afghanistan. He has graduated from Art Faculty in Cinema Directing Kabul University. During of his studying he had the experience of cultural and social activities specially in field of reporter. In addition to this, after graduation he worked for various productions and Televisions as director, producer and actor. He has also opened the Afghanistan Cinema House and had some impressive activities there too. Shekib also shared his experience with students in Art Faculty of Kabul university as a teacher and it has been two years since he joined RFH as producer.

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Mohammad Agha Zaki

Book / Film Club Coordinator

Zaki was born on 1369 in Balkh province of Afghanistan. He has studied directing and cinema writing in Art faculty of Kabul University. In addition he has made two short films and has the experience of cinematographic in some short and long films in his art career. Moreover he is busy now with some printing publications (newspapers) in writing and editing section.

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