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Roya Sadat


Roya Sadat with Alka Sadat Founded ROYA Film House(RFH) in 2003 and this company won more than 15 International Awards around the world. Beside of International Awards she honored proud medal, hero of the battle of Maiwand (Malili ) by decree of the President in 2015 and Bibi Khaddija Award from women in Leadership and Business. 
Roya is co-founder and president of the first International Women Film Festival – Afghanistan.
She have 15 years’ experience through produce, writing and directing acclaimed feature-length and documentary films ,TV drama and organize cultural events , most of the films won awards in international festivals.
Roya Sadat direct and produced more than 50 advertisement and promotion from 2007-2010 for Tolo TV and her own company .
.Her first 52min feature-length Film ‘Three Dots’ received numerous national and international Awards. Roya Sadat has been invited to more than 30 international film festivals for ‘Three Dots’ and ‘Playing the Taar’( see in her filmography).
Also She direct the first TV Serial ( The Security of This House ) with 50 Episode in Afghanistan from 2007-2008 
And make the other popular Afghan TV drama BAHESHTA KHAMOSHA which won Best TV dram and writing from Rumi Awards in 2013 ,
And she participate to many International film festival as member of Jury .

Other Media and Women Rights Activity

Founder and Director of International Women Film Festival-Afghanistan 
One of the Founder and member of writers committee to first Afghanistan Women Charter 2013 -2014 Head of International Association Women In Radio &Television ( IAWRD) Afghanistan Chapter ( this network is to more than 15 countries )
Founder and co-president of first International Women Film Festival- Herat 2013 
She was member of the board of Kabul International Film Festival for 3 years Founder & Director. The first Women Programs, Herat Television, 2003 – 2004Member, Literary Society and Women’s Union of Herat. Since 1999 Director, Writer, and Presenter of TV program ,Women and Society , Herat Province the only women programming in Heart TV . Deputy Director, Journalists Association of Herat. 2004 – 2005 Responsible for programming, scheduling activities and managing the group. Solely responsible for research and critique of independent media’s political vision and policies.


RFH Filmography 2003-2017_Page_1RFH Filmography 2003-2017_Page_3RFH Filmography 2003-2017_Page_2RFH Filmography 2003-2017_Page_4

2015 Malatya International Film Festival –Turkey 
2011 , Third Eye international Film Festival Mumbai India
2011 Human Rights International Film Festival Afghanistan
2011 ,International Human Rights film festival Kabul 
2008 ,InternationalDiedar Film Festival Tajikistan 
2008 ,2009 :International Kabul Film Festival 
2007 , International Film Festival, Kabul – Afghanistan
2007 , Afghan Film Festival, Castle – Germany
2006 , Street Children Festival, Herat – Afghanistan

London Afghan Film Festival Special Mention Awards Playing The Taar -2015 
RUMAI Award Best TV drama BAHESTA KHAMOSH -2013 
Seoul Korea Seoul drama international festival 2008 for The secret of this home 
UN, United Nations, Best Script ,Playing The Taar [Broken Hand Script] 
Winner 6 (sex ) awards categories from Tolo TV Film Festival – Kabul, Three Dots, 2006 
French Film Festival Nontc- Three Dots 2005

Best Director, Ravzana Film Festival – Kabul, Three Dots 2004


رؤیا سادات: از بازگشت بنیادگرایان مـی‌تـــرسم

بی‌توجهی به اولویت‌های اجتماعی تعریف جدید استبداد


بیان عاشقانه درآثار ادبی و سینمایی از تصوف تا تخیل



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پیوند هنر و زن افغان؛ نگاهی به چهارمین جشنواره بین‌المللی فلم زنان هرات در کابل

چهارمین جشنواره فلم بین‌المللی زنان_هرات در کابل برگزار شد


films writing & Directing

Three Dots… (feather) 2003-2004 
Every One Try (documentary ) 2005 
The Calling ( Fiction ) 2006 
Glasses Border ( Documentary) 2009 
Playing The Taar( Fiction ) 2009-2010 
After 10 Year Streguel 2013

And more then 10 films produce

TV Program 
Secrets of This House ( Drama TV Serial ) 2007-2008 ( 50 Episode 1250 minute ) 
The silent paradise ( Drama TV serial) 2010 – 2012 ( 3 season 65 Episode 1625 minute )
Director and Presenter of Women and Society in Herat TV 2004-2005

Film producer

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