Woman Photojournalism

Woman Photojournalism

Woman Photojournalism Center (WPC)
WPC is Representative of RFH in Herat city

WPC is the first women photo center in Herat, which was founded in 2009 as a satellite office of RFH. Being legally registered, the center operates under the AISA License (D-27362) and a permit from Afghanistan’s Ministry of Information & Culture. The Women Center works with active and knowledgeable women Photographers of Herat.

Most of the activities of the center is focused on women exhibitions where in their own words and activities they tell the stories of their lives today and how they see their roles in the society. The center mainly helps women in two ways; first, to develop amateurs to become professional photojournalists; and second, to teach some useful skills to women with lower education level so not only they have a career in a particular field but also to support themselves and their families. Our goal is to then house these skilled women in our center to have access to markets. However, it is a more ambitious endeavor which we are seeking funding for.


2011 Our photos were selected for exhibition at the National Gallery

2010 Our photos were selected for exhibition at Aina Photo Agency Training Center

2010 Our artist was select as one of the 15 top young artiest at Turquoise Mountain annual competition

2009 Exhibited photos about Turkmen women (Plating The Taar) at Kabul University

2008 Our photos were selected for exhibition in Germany


Course on photo camera and Photoshop software for women Photo Exhibition organization Designing Posters & Postcards Course on Artistic Photography & Photojournalism Course on making Billboards