Three Dots

Three Dots

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23 January 2017 | Fiction

Synopsis: “Three Dots (Seh Noktah)” tells the sad story of a single woman named Gul Afrooz living in a village in northwestern Afghanistan along the border of Iran, struggling to raise her three helpless children. Although she is engaged to her lover Firooz, she is forced to marry an old warlord, a Khan. Caught up in traditional structures, the Khan sends her to Iran as a drug courier for an opium smuggling ring. The ring is busted and she is arrested. his is the story of a border-resident woman from the Herat province who smuggles narcotics to Iran in order to feed her children and also to avoid the revenge of a local Khan. Gul Afroz faces the Iranian police forces somewhere between Iran-Afghanistan borders.


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There Dots Awards:

2008 Sahoul Korea drama international festival
2004,Koln Film Festival (Germany )
2004, Ravzana Film Festival – Kabul, Three Dots
2005, Nonce French Film Festival – Paris, Three Dots
2006, Tolo TV Film Festival – Kabul, Three Dots, winner of all 6 award categories
2007, United Nations, Best Script, Khat-e Shekesta [Broken Hand Script]

Date line 2003-2004
Time Line : 45
Edit: Sayed Fahim Hashimy
Dress designer: Alka Sadat
Assistant Director: Abdul Rashid Azimi
Subtitle: Masoud Juya & Marjo Stroud
Transport suppler: M-Arif  Mhohamady & Akbarsha
Music: Masoud Hasan Zada
Lyirecs singer: Mahtab
Soundman: Shoib Sahil
Cameraman: Massom Qismat & Sayed Fahim Hashemy
Writer ,Producer and Darter: Roya Sadat

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