About Us


Roya Film House (RFH) is Professionally Managed Committed Afghan, an Independent and Development Oriented Afghan Film Company. It was founded in 2003 to meet the need of Afghanistan filmmaking system and to carry the messages of afghan people to the world through Fiction films, Feature, documentary, TV Serial. This is the first Afghan Women film Company in Afghanistan after the Talban this company funded with two sister Roya Sadat and Alka Sadat  . The key personnel of this company are Afghans who are experienced and have cinematic education in Afghanistan, Italy, South Korea, USA and India with a passion for arts and professionalism. These founding members were able to win some of the most important cinematic prizes in drama, documentary and production of short films in most famous awards at national and international level..

RFH have Professional studios ( Equipment Hall, Video Editing, Davinci Work Station,  Sound Designing including

da-Vinci (color correction / grading Machine) and prepared with Video-Raw post-production Machine (that made our Post –Production Studio the Best equipped studio in the region.

Also RFH  have equipped well to produce our Feature film via having (4K – RAW Black Magic / RED 4K ) Cinematic Cameras , HMI Day Light pack , Motion equipment ( Dolly track / Crane)Sound (recording/ mixing) equipment …

Which we produce the company first Feature film in 2017 and produce more then 40 short and documentary film who won more then 30 International Award for short and documentary film.

This company also directed & produced a few dramas, such as both the first, second, & third part of (Behesht-e-Khamosh) ever Afghan soap operas for Tolo TV . We are the only Afghan production company with capability of  Produce Feature film,TV serials production . Since its establishment RFH has produced several films, dramas, commercial TV, radio spots and documentary films.

. Also Roya Film House (RFH) has been produced films for foreign television stations and international companies. Roya Film House (RFH) has a huge commitment to bring a big change to the situation of Afghanistan Cinema, filmmakers, women and children through the workshops, trainings and screening of films in international conferences.

RFH has been worked with wide range of  local and international producers, creative directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, designers, cameramen/women, actors/actresses and composers to produce high quality and innovative content for a range of private, International production,government and None Governmental Organizations (NGOs) clients.

What make RFH different from others is its experience, creativity, versatility and good intuition in a dynamic and fast paced environmentAs the largest production company in Afghanistan, RFH uses the modern equipment and has full media equipment.

RFH Key staffs have great experience with International and National Film festivals and had been an important part of Kabul International Film Festival for 2007-2008-2009. RFH has participated in more than 100 film festivals and The key staff have been member of National and International juries (judge) in many film festivals around the world.

RFH is the originator ofinternational women film festival in Heart which was held in 2013 and 2014 and successfully in 2015 and every year will be expanded and conducted more broadly and professionally in Afghanistan.

Roya Film House (RFH) has won a Significant Number of Awards

1- Bahesht Khamosh: Best TV drama & best writing, RUMAI Award, Los USA, 2013.
2- Half Value Life: Public Liberties & Human Rights Award, Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival, Qatar 2011.
3- Half Value Life: First Director Award, Women’s Voices Now’ Film Festival, USA, 2011.
4- Half Value Life: Best Director,International Kabul film festival,Afghanistan, 2009
5- Half Value Life: Afghanistan-film festival.Koln, Germany, 2009 .
6- 1,2,3?: Best Film, Bahrain Human Rights international film festival, Bahrain Arabic 2008.
7- Half Value Life: International Young Talent Competition, Generation DOK, Germany,2008.
8- Secret Of This Home: Best Director, Seoul Korea Seoul drama international festival, 2008 Korea.
9- 1,2,3 ?: Best film, Bilder vom film festival, Germany,2008.
10- 1,2,3?: Best Director, Egypt Film Festival, Egypt,2008.
11- 1,2,3?: Best Director, international Trevignano Film Festival,Italy 2007.
12- 1,2,3?: Best Film, international Almaty Film festival, Kazakh: Алматы, 2006.
13- First Number: Prize Award, Afghan Civil Society Organizations, Afghanistan,2006.
14- We Are Postmodernist: Best Camera, Kabul Film Festival, Afghanistan 2005.
15- 2005-Best Director Award Kabul film festival.
16- We Are Postmodernist: Best Camera, Kodakan khiban Film festival, Afghanistan, 2005.
17- Three Dots: Best Director award, Ravzana Film Festival-Afghanistan,2004.
18- Three Dots: Award from French Film Festival Nontc, French 2005.
19- Three Dots: Win six awards (Best Director, Best Wiriter, Best Camer Men, best Writer Best Music director).
20- Categories, Tolo TV Film Festival,Afghnaistan 2006.
21- Playing the Taar: UN-United Nations, Best Script, [Broken Hand Script] Kabul, 2007.
22- Special Selection “Afghanistan Night Story”- IDFA –Amsterdam
23- First Film Award for “Playing the Taar” Afghan Film Festival–London
24- KHADEGA KOBRA award “Lead” – Afghanistan
25- Owner hero of the battle of Maiwand (Malili) Medal by decree of the President of Afghanistan