after 35 years

after 35 years

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23 January 2017 | Documentary

After 35 years

Afghanistan has one of the world’s worst ratings in terms of domestic violence. All of this stems out of a lack of

family law in our judicial system.

Those working on reform, work very hard to find solutions for this problem but face severe opposition by

the conservatives. Meanwhile, the cries

of women committing self-immolation and street-children in the dynamics of a society make one face with

the stories of bitter realities and

inspiring struggles.


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(1012) ALjazeera International Documentary Film FestivalAfter 35 years

Original Title: پس از سی و پنج سال

Title: After 35 years

Film Category: Documentary

Screen Format: HDV 16:9


Writer, Director & Editor: Alka Sadat

Producer: Roya Sadat

Technical Adviser: Aziz Dildar

Camera: Aziz Dildar, Alka Sadat & Ruholla Mamozi

Graphic: Gholamreza Majidi

Song music: Farhad Darya

Music Director: Massoud Hasan Zada

Flute play:

Sound: Ruhola Mamozi

Sound Edit & Color collection: Rashid Azmy

Photographer: Jaheda Sadat

Assistant Director: Sharbanow Nori

Assistant-production: Mursal Dildar

Heart fixer: Golsom Sadigi & Jamila Naseri

Mazar Fixer- Habib Mustafa

Jalalhabad Fixer: Ruhalla Mamuzi

Badakhshan fixer: Hamad

Film subtitle: Ramin Javid

With thanks to: Zia Mobaligh

Fixed by: rights & Democracy

Production: Roya Film House

Time Line: 40:00 Min
Date Line: Kabul-Afghanistan

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