The Burning Days of Thorkham

The Burning Days of Thorkham

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23 January 2017 | Fiction

Farhad is a police officer. for his daughter’s heart surgery he needs a lot of money. his colleague, Afzal, persuades him to sell his weapon to the opposition and leave their outpost to them in return for money. Both Farhad and Afzal experience strange incidents on their way that makes them rethink their decision.


Writer, Directed: Aziz Dildar

Cameraman: Qais Jalily

Lightman: Sayed Habibshah Sadat

Soundman: Mujtaba Noori

Make-up Design: Reza Abbasi

Background Music: Jafar Malik Nazhaad

Graphic & Colorist: Ramin Mohammadi

Secretary Scene: Gholamreza Majidi

Edit & Sound Mixing: Ramin Mohammadi

Producer: Ahmad omer Zazay

Team Manager: Samiullah Nabipur

Project Manager: Alka Sada

Scheduling: Sharbanow Nori

Assistant Director: Zabiullah Fahim

Assistant Camera & Light: Mumtaz Dildar

Technical Manager: Rohulla Mamozi

Assistant Technical: Ali Sadeghi

Production Coordinator: Waheed Khanzada

Assistant Coordinator: Gulab

Unit Driver: Isallamudin

Time Line : 45:00 Min
Date line: 2012

Hot Days of Torkham
Original Title: روزهای داغ تورخمTitle: Hot Days of TorkhamFilm Category: Fiction

Screen Format: XDCAM 16:9

Costing for Docs: Hassan Fazili, Abdul Latif Qurashi

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