(Roya film House) have produced more than forty (40)Documentary films Most of the Documentary Films are artistic, RFH is trying to put a spot light on the important and critical problems after a good effort in researching , most of our films are discussing  women and Children Rights, our films discussed (corruptions in Afghanistan, Environment, & Afghan Army… )

RFH documentary films have broadcast  on (BBC, RAI 3 Italy, Color Magazine- Benetton Company ) and some of RFH Documentary have sponsored  by UN WOMEN, Civil society organization, Rights and Democracy, Pange Italian Organization and some of the documentary produce through ROYA Film House independently, we are the only film company in Afghanistan that made  more than 40 documentary films , and win above the thirty (30) award for the best documentary film internationally (please read in award section) Pleas click on the each poster and read more about the films Also please read the filmography as well.

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First Number: Is a documentary artistically film focuses on war circumstance that only civilians are...