half value life

half value life

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24 January 2017 | Documentary

Synois: A Girl listening to the radio from home, a Woman Walking at Her Workplace.The camera follows their steps in parallel, focuses on the mirror they look at,putting lipstick on. Inside the Court mistreated Women telling their stories. On television,the report of a terrorist attack, outside, in the city. Mrya Basher is the first woman inAfghanistan to have become a senior provincial investigator officer, ahigh-responsibility position woman are often considered incapable to carry. By activelysupporting mistreated young women she puts her life in serious danger.


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1) Public Liberties & Human Rights Award at Aljazeera International
Documentary Film Festival.
2) First award from (Women’s Voices Now’ Film Festival)
in Los Angeles.
3) Best director form international Kabul film festival.
4) Best film form Bilder vom film festival.
5) Afghanistan-film festival Koln.
6) Egypt film festival.
7) Human right film festival in Kabul.
8) International young Talent Competition-generation DOK

I pictured three “kind of women” in Afghanistan. Some leading miserable
lives andbeing desperate.
Others, aware of this misery and somehow participating to it by a
passive attitue.
And others actively taking action and fighting against injustice.
The most common media in Afghanistan, the radio is a symbol of
submission and waiting here.
Just as during the taleb regime, women listen to the radio all day
long, waitingfor good news.
People are also still afraid to work, the government is weak, there
long, waitingfor good news.
People are also still afraid to work, the government is weak, there
is no normallife in Afghanistan.
So, in a way, it is not over. Women day is a celebration for very
few women inmy country.
Editor: Mujtaba Seyar Ghayoor
Singer: Golsom Sediqi
lyrics: Roya Sadat
Narration: Manizha Adeel
Photographer: Humaira Sadat
Subtitle: Rameen Moshref javvid
Date Line: 2008 – 2009
Herat – Afghanistan

Half Value Life
Original Title:
در دهکده ای که نافص الغقلم می نامند
Title: Half Value Life
Film Category: Documentary
Screen Format: DV Cam 16:9
Time Line: 52:00 Min
Time Line:  25:00 Min
Costing For DOC: Maria Bashir,
Fiction Part: Mozhgan Sadat
Producer: Roya Sadat
Production: Roya Film House (RFH)
Sponsor: Rai 3 (rai Tre)
Link For Reading . . .
Director’s Statement:
Writer, Director & Camera Alka Sadat

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