Playing with the taar

Playing with the taar

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22 January 2017 | Fiction

Synopsis: Ay Nabaat is a 17 year-old girl from the Turkmen ethnic minority in Afghanistan. She has been weaving carpets at her home since her childhood. Her entire life is interlocked to carpet strings and colors. Her father is engaged in an old and bloody hostility with another ethnic group which lasts for years. In order to end this hostitity, he decides to marry Ay Nabaat to a man who already has three wives. After marriage, Ay Nabaat gets pregnant, but her new husband takes another revenge and claims that her child is illegitimate. Thus, Ay Nabaat’s father gets her out of the house and she is forced to give birth to her child in an abandoned and devastated house.

Director’s statement:As a female Afghan film director I have lived the reign of Taliban in my country. I have lived
the conditions for women in that period. I felt them, I knew them and I saw some of them
burning themselves because of their misery. I know about the different nationalities
that make out Afghanistan. Ay Nabaat, in her culture, cannot easily love or marry an Afghan
from another ethnic background. Her family will kill her for this. She must be satisfied with
any man. The problems of women in Afghanistan are an elementary part of my film work.

Director& Writer: Roya Sadat
Editor: Amir Tawakoli
Music: Masoud Hasan Zada
Camera: Bashir Asem
Assistant Director: Massood Hassan Zada & Shafi Firozi
Lighting: Shafi Firozi
Sound: Saleem Ahmad Haidary
Singer: Ana Bakhshi Turkaman
Orchestra: Gulsoom Sidiqi
Audio Post: Amir Tawakoli
Graphic: Mohammad Akmal Khaliqi
Sequence Assistant: Friba Haidary
Photographer: Hummaira Sadat
Make – up: Rika Sadat
Translator: Abdula Manan Mohammadi
Script translator: Zabiullah Ahmadi
Subtitle Translator: Mokhtar Fahat
Accountant: Friba Haidary
Logistic: Mohammad Gul Mohammadi
Logistic Assistant: Fahim Akbari & Ghulam Sakhi Mohammadi
Time Line: 35:00 Min
Date Line: Herat – Afghanistan 2008-2009


2009 South Korea Pousan International Film Festival
2009 London Tongue Fire International film festival
2010 Sweden Exile Film Festival
2011 India WARTS Women Film Festival
2011 India South Asian Film festival Goa
2010 India International Third Eye
2011 Afghanistan Human rights Film Festival
Playing the Taar
Original Title: تار و زخمه
Title: Playing the Taar
Film Category: Fiction
Screen Format: HDV 16:9
Mudesa Movahedi
Walid Kargar
Aziz Ahmad Faizi
Aysha Fazli
Rita Hussaini
Homira Sadat
Sosan Arifi
Muzhgan Sadat
Ali Bay
Setara Akbari
Rabia Raoufi
Golly Bay

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