Post Modernism

Post Modernism

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23 January 2017 | Fiction

Synopsis:A 14-years-old girl begs for money on the street with her mother. A guy about the same age gives them a coin every day he passes by, pushing his bicycle. Days are passing by, all the same, the call of the mosque scans time. One day the mother dies. The girl now begs alone for money

and wears her mother’s burka. The young guy passing by this time gives the girl a flower instead of a coin.

(We are postmodernist) Online:

(We are Postmodernist) at South Asian Film Festival:

Set designer:Roya Sadat ,Graphics: Ramin Mohamedi,
Executive producer:    Cetena group ,Production:    Roya Film House , Time Line: 25:00 Min
Date Line: 2012  , Afghanistan – Kabu

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