Sayed Rashed Sadat

Sayed Rashed Sadat was born in 1999 Herat- Afghanistan. He has got his High school degree from the Shohaday 24 Hoot High school in Herat, Afghanistan in 2018.

Rashed started acting with the Tooryalay role in Behesht-e-Khamosh drama from 2008 until 2011 for three seasons.

He started his work as a soundman in the “After the fighting year” 2011 documentary directed by Roya Sadat, then he was soundman of the “Symphony of echoes” and “The Role of Civil Society in the Election” documentaries.

He was a sound technician at the three editions of the Herat International Women’s Film Festival from 2013- 2017, and the videographer of the 5th edition of this festival.

Rashed started his camera skills from the “A Letter to the President” 2017 where he was the 1st assistant of cinematographer.

He was the Gaffer, an Editing fellow, and Actor in the first season of Khat-e- Sewom TV drama And he also worked as a cinematographer in the second season of this drama.

As his latest work, we can mention working as a soundman and collaborating with the editing department of the two documentaries produced for the European Union by Roya Films. These documentaries took about two months and ended on 22 February 2020.

Rashed has just started working as a lighting director for six short films for the World Food Organization.